Parya Official - Luxury Shower Pull - Incl. suspension system

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EAN 8720254423036

Condensation caused by an increase in air humidity often means that you cannot see as much through your windows. There are several causes for the increase of humidity in the air, this can be caused by cooking, showering but also by exhaled air. Of course you cannot stop this. But you do want to see normally through your windows.

For example, it is dangerous to drive your car when the windows are fogged up, and you can get a fine for this. Fogging up windows is difficult to prevent, but solving it is very easy with the "Universal Window Wiper" of the brand Parya Home. It allows you to easily clean your windows.

You can use the window squeegee for your shower, car windows and for the windows of your house. Within two seconds you will be rid of that fogged up mirror, bathroom window or even your dirty car window.


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