Mouse pad XXL

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With this super large mouse pad, there is no longer a lack of freedom of movement.

This non-slip desk mat covers a large part of your desk, more than a "normal" mouse pad does. This means there is much more room to move around with your mouse. The beautiful design suits everyone on the desk. Suitable for not only gamers, but due to the design, this mouse pad is also suitable for the home or office.

The XXL mouse pad:
- Suitable for any computer & mouse;
- Super large, so much room for maneuver;
- Educational;
- Made from sturdy material;
- Easy to clean;
- Because of the size of the mouse pad you also have enough space to put your office supplies on it. As well as your food, drinks, books or homework.

Product specifications

Color: black with print;
Dimensions: 90x40 cm;
Thickness: 2 mm;
Material: dust and rubber;
Weight: around 600 grams.

Dimensions: 90x40 cm
Weight: 600 g
Colour: Black with print
Material: Fabric and rubber
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