Furniture lift- and move help - 5 parts

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You want to redecorate your house or are you moving? Do not make it too hard for yourself with this lift- and move help. Move your heaviest furniture without any effort, like couches and the washing machine. 

Put the lifter underneath the furniture piece, lift the piece up and put the roller under it ad repeat this until you have enough rollers under the furniture to be able to carry this piece. 

This set contains a furniture lifter and four rollers. Per roller you can lift 150 KG and the upper part of it can rotate in 360 degrees. Underneath every roller are put eight little wheels to make moving even easier. 


Product specifications

  • Color: grey;
  • Material furniture lifter: Metal with plastic;
  • Material rollers: plastic;
  • Dimensions rollers: 7,8 x 10,3 x 3 cm (LxWxH);
  • Weight that can be lifted: 150 kg per roller, 600 kg in total. 
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