Electrically heated jacket (by USB)

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Don't want to be bothered by the cold again? This jacket will be your solution! The jacket itself is already really warm, but there is an extra option to add more warmth to the jacket. With one push on the button on the front of the jacket, the "heater" will go on. The coat can be worn by both men and women!

There are three temperature settings, what setting you are currently using can be seen by the color of the light/button. 

  • Warm: 45 ℃ (red light)
  • Comfort: 35 ℃ (white light)
  • Energy saving mode: 25 ℃ (blue light)


Product specifications

  • Color: black;
  • Available in: size extra small/ small/ medium/ large / extra large;
  • Material: polyester;
  • Power interface: USB;
  • Can be set in three heating modes
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