Camry - CR 7021 - Hand steam cleaner

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Many problems that everyone experiences with cleaning are solved by this Cambry Hand Vacuum Cleaner. The high temperature of the steam makes it easy to clean even the most stubborn spots. Also because the steam is sprayed with high pressure, it reaches even the most difficult corners of the room.

This Hand Steam Cleaner comes with many auxiliary accessories to make cleaning even easier. All bacteria, fungi and other unwanted microorganisms are also removed by the high temperature.


  • Nylon round brush
  • Wire brush
  • Curved spray head
  • Extension hose
  • General steam pipe
  • Lung spray nozzle
  • Measuring cup
  • Funnel


  • Steam pressure of up to 3.5 bar
  • Maximum power: 1100W
  • Water tank capacity 350 ml
Dimensions: 23,1 (H)
Material: Nylon, plastic, steel
Weight: 2040 g
Colour: White
Power: 1100W
Power supply: Mains power
Suitable for: Textile
Charging time: 0 min
Battery life: Inapplicable
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