Barbecue EI model - charcoal barbecue - Diameter 25 cm

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Always nice to use the barbecue during the hot days. Together with your friends, family or alone with the family. You can place the tastiest meat, fish or vegetables on this stylish egg-shaped barbecue. With integrated thermometer you can check the internal temperature without having to open the hood.

The barbecue is not only stylish, but it is also compact. This makes the barbecue easy to take with you. Due to the surface of the grill you can place enough delicacies on the barbecue at the same time. Thanks to the stainless steel ceramic of the barbecue, the barbecue lasts for years, and this also helps against quality. This keeps the quality good for years.

Dimensions: 32x57 cm
Colour: Black
Weight: 22 kg
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions grill plate: Diameter: 25 cm
Type of barbecue: Charcoal barbecue
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